Email:    Tel: (+268) 2343 6556 / 2343 4419    Fax: (+268) 2343 5471
Email:    Tel: (+268) 2343 6556 / 2343 4419    Fax: (+268) 2343 5471

Student Affairs Services

Counselling Services

The division offers counselling to students through working with lecturers, mental health nurses, and the resident psychologist in collaboration with the Dean of students. These professionals are available to help students address personal, emotional, and psychosocial challenges that get in one’s way during academic experience at Good Shepherd College of health sciences. Assisting the student’s attainment of their academic and personal goals. Services are available at individuals or group level through different routes. Counsellors work in collaboration with other specialised counselling systems such as the church, health services and academic departments. So help is all around you. Talk to someone you trust. Get connected to a helpful system.


During the semester services are available Monday to Friday (0800-1600 hours).

Terms & Conditions

  • All Good Shepherd College of health sciences are eligible for counselling at no extra cost.
  • Participation is entirely voluntary by consent
  • Counselling is confidential
  • Students for face to face counselling are received on a walk in basis and or by appointment through the Division of student affairs.


  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability 
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Social justice



To provide psychological and social interventions that support effective work and study of students individually and in groups to help ease academic pressure and produce a well-rounded emotional intelligent and stable student.



Putting the psychosocial needs of the stakeholder first and adding value to quality of life.


Sports & Recreation

Students through this service participate in intramural, intercollegiate sports and professional activities.

Non-academic trips are under the sponsorship of the students in consultation with the Dean of Students Affairs.

Social occasions with invitations extended to students will be treated as they occur through the Dean of Student Affairs and the Principal.

Participation in sporting activities does not excuse students from clinical activities /classes except where special arrangements are made.

All student functions shall be authorised by the principal under the recommendations of the DSA or where necessary the faculty Board.

The sports and recreation is the nerve centre for students and members of staff through active and organised physical activities. The division has the mandate to promote the wellness of students and staff while carrying the flag of the institution.


To develop an enabling sporting environment for sports participation in both competitive and non-competitive sports.


To raise awareness among students and members of staff in the benefits derived from regular and strencious physical activities.

Strategies Towards Meeting The Vision & Aims

  • Plan and influence the development of multiple sports facilities for use by many students at the same time.
  • Organise and administer various sports tournaments
  • Introduce the CEO’s Trophy and let it be played on league basis up to end of the year.(inter-programs competition)
  • Encourage student’s sports competitions with the local community teams.
  • Create links with one or two regional universities for growth and development.
  • Monitor and keep track of teams and individuals records at national, regional and international tournaments
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