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Email:    Tel: (+268) 2343 6556 / 2343 4419    Fax: (+268) 2343 5471

Dean Of Student Affairs

Dean Of Students Affairs

Mr Archibald Tinashe Nyamayaro MSc in community psychology (MSU), BSc Honours in psychology (MSU), and LLB (BACHELOR OF LAWS HONORS) (UNISA)

Dean's Message

The division of student’s affairs is a young vibrant, innovative and multicultural community where diversity, innovation and wellness are prioritised. The division prepares students for critical citizenship in a rapidly changing world that demands versatility and creativity.

The division offers supportive programs to students in trying to shape them into global-minded citizens with the skill to provide services and tackle challenges of the work-place and global world. Our aim goal is to develop a well-rounded students that can function in a world full of adversity and prosper amid difficulties. The department puts emphasis on professionalism, participation, self-care and support in helping students find sustainable solutions for both academic and non-academic problems in collaboration with teaching staff, and non-teaching staff with the help of the college and hospital management.

The division assures students the following:

Growth- Student affairs assists individuals to cope with academic pressure, personal and family life, for the enhancement of academic performance with emphasis on analytical, innovative, creative, problem-solving and think outside the box in preparation for the workplace and the outside world.

Professionalism and Support- As a division, we take pride in the services we render, our college staff are always ready to assist or refer students to the correct offices for assistance.

Students are encouraged to utilise their time wisely by fully engaging the academic materials and learn and network as much as possible in preparation for life beyond Good Shepherd college of health sciences. As professionals we look forward to the future with its changes and opportunities and hope to put the College on the global academic and professional map joining the ranks of notable international academic institutions.


To assist academic and non-academic staff in creating a world class centre of academic excellence for health care professionals.

Mission Statement

To nurture vibrant, critical, analytic, and innovative graduates who provide professionalism and care based on quality services for sustainable health care in different societies.