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Email:    Tel: (+268) 2343 6556 / 2343 4419    Fax: (+268) 2343 5471



Good Shepherd College of nursing alumni is a new platform aimed at keeping the connection with past students who have in one way or another interacted academically with the institution as students. It is a networking platform were past students can share their academic experiences, reunite, and add value to the college by donating or critiquing areas of concern.

Core Mandate

The alumni aims to harness workplace experiences from the cadres that are now in the workplace, share areas in alignment with practice that need to be improved, offer motivation to the upcoming professionals and where possible donate to the students towards attainment of certain student affairs goals.

Projected Areas

1. Membership
2. Reunions
3. Fundraising campaigns (for sports, accommodation, student welfare, sanitary and toiletry issues)
4. Donations
5. Motivational seminars
6. I was here campaign
7. Visits to workplace where previous students are working and experience sharing (issues of professionalism and life after school.)
8. Financial education and mentorship.


To ensure the end product meets the standards, and that they can be a shining light to current students while carrying and lifting the reputation of the institution.


  • Respect for human diversity
  • Mentorship
  • Professionalism


To keep engaged with our final product

The 2024 Lintake List is now ready. Deadline for collection is 28th of May 2024.
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